Spring Break in Honduras!

I am lucky to have a 2 week spring break at my school, and we try to take advantage of it to do some good traveling. When we originally moved to Brussels, I had a 2 year contract and Alex was doing a 2 year Masters program. We didn’t want to spend what precious time we did have here flying back and forth to the US so we told everybody to come here, OR we’d see them summer 2016.

When it really came down to it, trying to squeeze in Japan, Honduras, and several states in the US in one 6 week summer seemed a little foolhardy to us. I’m already tired just thinking about it. So like I mentioned, we seized the opportunity in April to visit my big sister and her family in Honduras.


We had a few days here at the beginning of the break and then we headed for Paris by train. We flew to Atlanta, spent the night in a hotel there, and then flew to San Pedro Sula the next morning. Even being in the US for a few hours has made me slightly nervous for the impending reverse culture shock this summer, but more on that another time. Suffice it to say, the lady in the front of the hotel van with the ‘diabeetus service dog’ who was pushing people out of the way for a cookie at check-in is essentially what are trying to get away from… not back to.


Anyway, we arrived in Honduras without a hitch and linked up with my sister, Michelle, and our nephews, Jacob & Asher and then Adam joined us after settling some local business. We had a great time visiting with them, getting to see their house/neighborhood/community, and cooling off in a pool that overlooked the ocean. I am still healing from that slide! We had a day of ziplining, mud baths, and hot springs in the jungle and then headed out to Roatan for some island fun.


We rented an awesome AirBnB in between West End and West Bay and had the fortune of walking about 2 minutes to our scuba shop for lessons. We had an awesome SCUBA teacher, Merri, at Clearwater Adventures. We were able to do our Open Water Certification (skills & dives) in 3 days and still had a bit of time to relax in the evenings with family.

I’ll let Alex tell you his side of the story (he got a few bumps and bruises) but we were so thankful to get to spend time catching up with Michelle, Adam, and the boys, hearing about their missions and comparing notes on expat life. The boys are growing so much and, as their aunt and uncle, we get to see just how much fun they are at each stage of life. I will never forget playing Pirates in the backyard or reading endless dinosaur books before bedtime. We had a great time and definitely plan to return to Central America again someday!