Lots of great things have happened and have been happening since we made the big move to Europe. We have been able to add over 10 countries to our list of adventures (with more plans in the near future!), we have made great friends, and we love our neighborhood. We have had fun with our visitors and we’ve had lots of support from family and friends stateside. Yes, we’ve had our share of ups and downs with adjusting to our new life in a new country but, altogether, it has been a great choice for us. We dreamed about it so long and we realize how lucky we are to have had it come together.

That being said, we, at In the Land of Lambics, want to formally announce our BIG NEWS!

We have decided to stay a 3rd year!

(insert trumpet fanfare here)

tram experience

We are just not ready to leave yet. In all reality, 2 years in a new place feels like a flash in the pan to us and we think we have more to do and see here.

Tracy: I have recently been offered an indeterminate contract to continue teaching and learning at ISB. I will continue to serve as ELD Head of Department and will continue tutoring students on the side. Generally the school requires 3 years of in-house experience before an indefinite contract is offered. The policy may be changing or they may have made an exception. I’m not really sure but what I am sure of is that I don’t care. I can stay as long as I’d like and teach here until retirement if that suits me. 🙂 I am honored and excited and grateful all at the same time.

Alex has a very exciting opportunity lined up after the completion of his dissertation for the fall of 2016. An offer has been made and he has accepted but details are still being squared away at the moment…so stay tuned!