And we’re back!

Actually, we’ve been here all this time. Just not here here… on the blog.

We sincerely apologize for the radio silence. Life has pretty much gotten into full swing here for both of us and by the looks of this blog, we let it get the best of us. Sorry. We have both been sick with colds that just hung around and spent about 2 weekends recovering on the couch. And we both have been super busy.

The day after we returned from Amsterdam, Alex started his orientation for grad school. I’ll let him fill you in on all the details but he now has a full class schedule and an even fuller reading reading load. I tried to warn him but he just never listens. 😉

We went to ISB Homecoming and I will just warn you all now: American football in Europe is… well, cute. We walked down to the Boisfort Food Tram and got some burgers, beers, and frites with friends. We arrived just into the 2nd quarter and I am still not sure if the clock was broken or if they want the game to be quick like a soccer game, because it just kept rolling and rolling. I can only recall seeing it stopped maybe twice, with one time being for an injury. During halftime, the children and some dogs were set free to run up and down the football “pitch.” No band, no dance team, no nothing except screaming, hyperactive children. It was almost a shutout until the last 2 minutes when the away team finally scored and then we went home. Not complaining, but a part of my heart is definitely missing screaming at the top of my lungs in a stadium, tailgating, and riveting halftime shows. BUT the best part is watching all the parents drink their chardonnay or wit beers on the sidelines. That may have been more entertaining than the game itself!

My teaching gig has been rolling for almost 2 months now and last week, I got to experience the wonder and joy of 2 full days of 10 minute learning conferences with students and parents (with 5 appointments an hour). My head was spinning and I may or may not have chugged a Hoegaarden with the refrigerator door still open when I got home. I also survived my first observation and evaluation by the high school head this week. I got really great feedback. I was super nervous the whole night before and didn’t get much sleep but I think after 3 years of positive feedback from 3 different observers/evaluators I respect, maybe it is time for me to start believing in myself as an effective educator. Okay… Dr. Phil moment over… I have also picked up tutoring an ELD student from Korea who has special needs and that has been a really exciting addition to my teaching. I am eager to learn more about accommodating her needs and expanding my experiences with special ed.

isb night

On Saturday, we gathered with about a dozen friends for some French 75s (a delicious champagne drink that John Carroll introduced us to) and eating cheese. Then we bum-rushed the metro stop on our street and headed to Le Concert Noble for ISB Night. It is a big, fancy auction to raise money for the school and while we largely could not participate (the pay is marginally better here but not THAT much better), it was fun to try and watch the parents duke it out for weekends in Barcelona, a formula 1 VIP experience, cases of wine, golf days, and spa days. We walked away with 2 tickets to 4 Shakespeare plays and Alex couldn’t be happier. My bid for coffee and blow outs for 3 friends at a dry bar in town was almost instantly outdone. You win some; you lose some, right?


delicious breads

Other than that, here are a few things we are loving about Brussels:

-brunch… so much brunching going on here

-weekly markets in beautiful squares with wine bars, yummy frites, and Mediterranean wraps

-baked goods from our corner patisserie (croissants, pain au chocolat, farm bread, baguettes)

-awesome beer. it is cheaper than ordering water here and you never get tired of sipping one (or 3) and doing some people watching.

-our amazing new friends. seriously some of the best people are right here with us in Brussels.

-listening to the church bells on lazy Saturday or Sunday mornings (we rarely have both).

-my weekly run with my running buddy, Karen. we don’t go far and we don’t go fast but we have stumbled upon some amazing views and gems in this city!


Okay… thanks for sticking with us. Sorry we have been lost in the abyss. We girl scout swear to stay more on top of posting moving forward! Lots of love & light to all you beautiful people!