Notre Maison!

Bienvenue a notre maison! (I hope I got that right!) Here are the long awaited pictures of our apartment! We found a great, furnished apartment in Etterbeek (the commune near Alex’s university) with an easy commute for my teaching job. Just a few metro stops to central station. Lots of businesses are very convenient to our flat as well: groceries, home improvement, butcher, baker, pizza, pubs, hair salon, kebabs, etc and several parks. As of tomorrow, we will have been in our place for 2 weeks so the decor & organization is slowly coming, especially as our stateside shipment has been delayed again… We are still waiting on our things (towels, sheets, kitchen supplies, clothes, etc). I’ll post some updates if we make any major changes along the way (most likely to the guest room for the comfort of your impending visit). 🙂