Quick Trip to Atlanta

This past weekend, we took a trip to Atlanta to pick up our visas. Besides the physical move and some small details, this was the last big check on our to-do list. We are now 100% approved to go to Belgium and to live, study, and work in Brussels for 2 years. What a relief! Columbia Capitol We stopped halfway there in Columbia, SC for one final fling with my college roommate, Celia, and her husband along with some college friends, Sarah and her husband, Andy. We had a great time catching up over tacos at Cantina 76 and specialty drinks at the newly opened Bourbon (just about 10 steps from Celia & John’s downtown loft…ooh dangerous)! It is amazing how quickly the move is sneaking up on us so it is just starting to hit me that we are needing to start saying our, “See you later”s. We know they are not good-byes because we will be back someday but most importantly, because we have really high hopes that family and friends will come visit while we are in Belgium!

Cola Friends

Click on the pic to see my beautiful friends!

Anyway, Atlanta was fairly straightforward. We got to the hotel downtown just in time to watch the USA v Portugal game and get dinner at Max Lager’s. The next morning we walked a few blocks to the Consulate General of Belgium and waited behind some silly college girls trying to get a stamp to travel THAT SAME DAY. When it was finally our turn, we got our visas and took some pictures to commemorate the auspicious event! Beglian ConsulateTracy's Visa! Alex's Visa!

Now just chipping away at the documents for the move, organizing stuff for the move, selling the cars, and last minute appointments before our local insurance ends. We’ll continue to keep you posted until during and after the big move! Thanks for sticking with us! 30 days!