one step closer!

Today Alex helped me finish pulling together all the materials for my visa application. It has been super stressful getting all the paperwork done (and, not to mention, the money order for the visa application fee… ouch), so I will be incredibly relieved to drop it off at the shipping store tomorrow!


My big, fat, Belgian application

Here’s what is headed to the consulate in Atlanta:


-2 applications with really weird and complicated items filled out after several phone calls

-1 language preference form (English is not an option)

-work permit (that just arrived from Belgium last week! YAY!)

-FBI background check

– 3 passport photos

-money order for $270


Once they get everything squared away and decide I can go live in Brussels for 2 years, we’ll have to make a trip to Atlanta to pick my passport up. Definitely feeling a huge load off my shoulders with this one knocked off the to-do list! We are one (BIG) step closer to making our dream come together! Stick with us for a few more weeks and then the REAL journey begins! 60 days!