The Final Countdown

We are now well within the 90 day window of our departure. Things are slowly coming together and we are getting progressively more excited and stressed all at the same time.

Today, we mapped out our budget and started looking at apartments so we have an idea of what to send our relocation agent out to look for. I am dreaming of modern clean lines with funky Ikea-esque pieces and loving the pictures in the postings we are seeing. In the car on the way back from the grocery store, I let out a little squeal just thinking about it. After Alex regained his steering on the road I explained what I had been daydreaming of. We watch House Hunters International sometimes for fun and I am always annoyed by the remarks Americans make in foreign apartments (most in reference to how little space there is).  So far, in my search I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of square footage (do they call it meterage there?) we can get within our budget. If you’re reading between the lines, we’re saying, “Come visit!” Plus, I think it will be fun to do the laundry in the bathroom or kitchen. Maybe then I’ll actually remember to do it more regularly! 😉

Organizing the Paperwork

With the countdown ticking away, we’ve also been marking the time on calendars posted on our living room wall. I finish teaching ESL on June 19 and have a week off before I start teaching the Summer English Academy at UNCW. Alex finishes his current contract at the end of June. We’ll leave the beach in mid-July to spend some time in Minnesota and Texas with family and friends and then July 31st is our big day. Crazy how quickly it is coming up!

For now, we are in a bit of a holding pattern waiting for my work permit to come back from Brussels. We can’t do much but prepare the rest of the visa paperwork so we can apply as soon as we get the work permit. And hooray for a trip to Atlanta to make an appearance at the consulate. One more thing!

And we will leave you with this, In true Kelley Victor Gasper style…