Slowly Chipping Away

Near the Grand PlaceLately, our To-Do List has been getting constant attention but seems to be making no progress. It is tedious and demanding but we are working hard to make our dream come true. On Monday, I was able to cross one big item off our list! And man, did it feel so good. Here’s how it all went:

-receive package with contract and information survey from ISB

-thoroughly read (and drool over) contract and sign

-fill out information sheet

-make doctor’s appointment to fill out health form (which is in French, mind you) + notarization

-go to doctor’s appointment… no notary the day of appointment, make follow up appointment

-go to follow up and get notarization

-send health form to consulate in Atlanta to be legalized

-receive health form from consulate in Atlanta

-receive FBI background check (“I am NOT a crook!”) after said fingerprint & said mailing

-get about 80 passport photos made

-copy every page of passport (even the unstamped ones)

-get copies of all diplomas (HS, Bachelors, Masters)

-print a copy of CV

-pay $35 to send 2 day international


So even though I can only check off ONE thing on that list, it feels like I did 15 things. I now wonder in complete awe when you see someone whimsically announce they are moving somewhere crazy. Did they quietly already take care of the legwork? Are they going legally? How soon before they are deported? 😉 hehe. Anyway, now I just wait for my work permit to come and then I can apply for my visa. More paperwork… more runaround. But I know it will all be worth it when we put our feet on those funky old cobblestones and drink a real lambic to celebrate.

We are busy and stressed out but above all still looking forward to the adventure. Well, to continuing the adventure really!