Now What?

It feels like we’ve made it over the initial hump, and the outlook is rosy to say the least. Tracy has employment lined up, I have school locked on, and we will reach the inevitable end of living the fantasy life in Brussels because that’s what we’ve signed up for. I can be that optimistic, and I am being that optimistic because I trust us to follow through and do what we set out to do. But man, my list of things to do keeps growing and growing.

The "move" and "store" piles

The “move” and “store” piles

The "get rid of" pile

The “get rid of” pile

(1) Visas
(1a) Work Permit (must be done before (1))
(1b) Doctor’s Physical (must be done for (1a) for Tracy and (1) for Alex)
(1c) Proof of solvency (apparently it only ok to be a marginally poor graduate student in Belgium)
(1d) Get 43 passport photos made
(1e) Appear at the Belgian embassy/consulate to apply
(2) GI Bill Funding for School
(3) Move belongings to Brussels
(4) Move belongings to new storage unit to be left in US (location TBD)
(5) Sell/dispose of what doesn’t qualify for (3) or (4)
(6) See family and friends before departure
(7) Arrange for housing in Brussels
(8) Book plane tickets to Brussels and to complete (6)
(9) Read books 2-13 on the recommended reading list
(10) Learn French
(11) Finish Economics review by way of Kahn Academy
(12) Learn to surf (self-imposed requirement before moving away from the beach)

Through it all, I do have to admit I have become continuously re-energized when it comes to learning and understanding the world around me.  I have enjoyed my first text book thus far and feel like I am still capable of examining history and inferring applicable conclusions. If you have never examined the 20th century through the lens of global economic decision making and priorities, you are definitely missing out.

…This just in….Our plane tickets to Brussels have been booked and confirmed through the travel agent provided by ISB! We now have official deadlines for completing the list above, I guess I better get back to work! We’ll check in soon!