Agenda/Ordre du Jour… Tomayyto/Tomahhto

Macaroons & GoodiesHard to believe this is all really happening! Not too long from now, I can press my face against this window of delicious middle eastern goodies every day if I so desire! (AND I DO!)

This morning, at 5:10 am, as I was brushing my teeth an email from ISB came through. It included the 4 week Orientation Programme for New Faculty and the daily agenda. A few weeks ago, I got my (amazing) contract and I saw that I was required to be there the weekend of Aug 2/3 even though school didn’t start until Aug 27. Three weeks of Professional Development? Seriously? ::bangs head on desk::

Well… after seeing this agenda, I have never been more excited for professional development. First of all, there is plenty of free time scheduled in which also includes time with our “relocation agent” who will help up set up our life in Brussels. Finding housing, opening a banking account, registering at the town hall of our Commune, getting my (provided) public transportation pass are all activities we can expect to accomplish with our relocation agent. What a blessing to have someone to help us with all the craziness of moving abroad!

Of course, there is the expected welcome session, campus tour, IT training, and exploring the Common Ground curriculum. Other highlights? A day trip to IKEA, a tour of our new city (to include a beer tasting, snacks, etc), a day trip to Brugges (with a boat tour of the canals), coffee and croissant breaks for “on campus” days, drinks at the director’s house, and a welcome BBQ! Talk about culture shock!

This may be slightly preemptive, but because my current planner only goes through July, I just purchased my very first May Book from May Designs. This is a really great big girl job with a REAL big girl contract, so I thought I deserved to have a big girl planner, too. Plus, its my birthday month, so I can handily justify a little treat (rather than all those goodies in the window). Here is little May, herself… just 14 days of shipping away:

May Book

In related news, we are still chipping away at the massive To-Do List (check out Alex’s next post for this). This weekend, we have plans to go organize the storage unit to prepare for a yard sale. 3 rolls of differently colored duct tape, a legal pad, and lots of patience should do the trick. Still waiting on those FBI Background checks to come back, too!